Karate Kata

Kata, or forms, are composed of a series of techniques arranged in set sequences, in which the many defensive and counter-offensive techniques of Shotokan are employed, through the range of stances against imaginary opponents. They are performed on one's own therefore, but students in a kata class performing a particular kata will practice each move as a group, along the particular kata's embusen, or line(s) of movement."
All Karateka should study the Ten Points of the Kata and consider these when practising each Kata

The Ten Points of the Kata


  • YOI NO KISIN - the spirit of getting ready. Be prepared for your opponent in the Kata.
  • INYO - the active and the passive. Consider both attack and defensive aspects of the Kata.
  • CHIKARA NO KYOJAKU - use of strength. Balance your power in relation to the movements in the Kata.
  • WAZA NO KANKYU - speed of movement. The speed of each movement in the Kata.
  • TAI NO SHINSHUKU -expansion and contraction. The form of the body in the Kata.
  • KOKYU - breathing. Understand breath and posture control in relation to the movements in the Kata.
  • TYAKUGAN - targeting. Know the purpose of each movement in the Kata.
  • KIAI - shouting. Demonstrate good martial spirit in the Kata.
  • KEITAI NO HOJI - positioning. Movement and stance in the Kata.
  • ZANSHIN - alertness. Retaining your guard (alertness) for the whole of the Kata, and beyond.

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