Grading Dates 2020


All grades Sunday March 8th


All grades  Sunday June 21st


Brown and Black Belts Sunday September 6th

All Grades Sunday September 13th


All Grades Sunday December 6th




All Gradings take place at:

   Brooklands Farm Primary School 
Countess Way Brooklands Farm
Milton Keynes   MK10 7HN


All Kyu grades will be expected to train 2 hours a week


Brown Belt must train advanced (Friday) and thier normal day 4 hours a week

and at least 6 months since your last grading
For 1st kyu a minimum of 12 months

Black belts to 2nd Dan of 2 years
and at least 2 years since your last grading

 2 hours Fridays and 2 hours in your own do jo


  Junior Grades   Times
Beginner to 10th kyu  White Belts going for Blue  10.00 AM
10th kyu to 9yh kyu Blue going for red 11 00 AM
9th kyu to 8th kyu Red going for Orange  12 00 PM

8th kyu to 8th intermediate

Orange going for Orange and 1 Yellow   1.00 PM
8th inter and Senior 8th to 7th kyu Orange and Yellow and senior Orange going for Yellow  1 00 PM
7th kyu to 6th intermediate  Yellow going for Yellow and Green Stripe 2 00 PM
6th inter and senior 7th to 6th kyu Yellow and Green  and Senior Yellow going for Green 2 00 PM
6th to 5th intermediate  Green going for Purple    3.00 PM
5th inter and senior 6th to 5th kyu Green and purple and senior Green going for Purple  3.00 PM
5th kyu to 4th kyu int  Purple going for Purple and 1 Stripe  4 00 PM
4th inter and senior 5th to 4th  Purple and 1 stripe and seniors going for Purple and 2 Stripes  4 00 PM
4th kyu to 3rd kyu intermediate  Purple and 2 White stripes going for Purple and 1 Brown Stripe  5 00 PM
 3rd inter to 3rd  Purple and Brown going for Brown 5 00 PM
3rd kyu to  2nd int Brown Belts to Brown and 1 white stripe  12 00 PM
3rd Kyu and 2nd kyu Brown to Brown and 2 stripes 12.00 PM
2nd to 1st int Brown and 2 white stripes to Brown and 1 Red stipe 1.00 PM
2nd to 1st  kyu Brown and 2 white stripes to Brown and 2 Red stripes 1.00PM
1st kyu to Black Belt Brown and 2 Red stripes to Black 2.00 PM
All dan grades to All Dan Grades 2.00 PM


2012 Grading Fees   
White to Brown £25 
Brown and 1  white stripe 2nd Kyu Inter £50
Brown and 2 White Stripes 2nd  Kyu  £50
Brown and 1Red stripes 1st Kyu inter £50
Brown and 2 Red Stripes 1st Kyu £50
Black Belt 1st Dan  100
Black Belt 2nd Dan £100
Black Belt 3rd Dan £200
Black Belt 4th Dan  £300