Beginners Info

The Shotokan Karate Association (SKA) has more than 500 students in 10 clubs across the South Midlands region. Our training sessions take place in local school facilities on every week night or Saturday mornings, so there should be a session that is convenient for you. All clubs are run by highly qualified, black belt instructors.

We give new members this letter so they know what to expect when they join one of our clubs.



All beginners start with a 5 week course at a cost of £12

 After the normal training fees are £5.00 per hour starting with 1 hour per week until you have graded for your first belt(blue),There is no need to buy any equipment at this stage.

Joining A Regular Training Session

 Training Fees are £5.00 per person per hour. Beginners attend for 1 hour per week until they grade for their first belt, then move up to join the full class where training will be for 2 hours. All fees are paid weekly at the start of the lesson, so there is no need to pay for lessons that you are unable to attend.

All students need to wear an association Gi, with the association badge on it. This is obtained from your instructor at a cost £27 -£32 (depending on the size) for the standard lightweight item.

Each person training with us must be registered with the governing body and have insurance. We cover this by issuing each student with a license, which must be renewed each year. The license fee is currently £25.


Gradings And Belts

Students' experience and ability is denoted by a series of coloured belts, which are attained in stages, with a grading examination  to make sure students are ready to progress.

Beginners will need to complete 8 weeks training before grading for their first (blue) belt. For higher grades this increases to at least 20 hours training between belts. If you are unable to complete enough hours, you will still be able to come to the training sessions, but you will be unable to grade.

We hold a grading examination about every 12 weeks. These are usually held at Brooklands farm primary school Brooklands farm  Milton KeynesMK10 7AU. Beginners start at 10:00am unless told otherwise.

For lower grades, Grading Fees are £25 paid in advance, or £30 on the day (including belt).


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