Senior Instructor to our Association, Roy was born October 22nd 1948. He has been married to Dianne since 1972 and has two sons: Jamie, who has recently returned from America, and Gareth, who is a godan 5th dan blackbelt.

Originally a student of Sensei Roome and Sensei Garne at Cranfield, and later of Sensei van Weenen, Roy is now a full-time professional instructor, although he enjoys a return to landscape gardening - one of many old trades at his disposal (including professional footballer!) - when he has the time.

Roy has travelled and trained extensively; China, Thailand, America, Jamaica and most of Europe. He also travelled to Albania, as part of Sensei van Weenen's TASK FORCE ALBANIA team. Roy has been an exponent of Shotokan Karate for many years.
In 1996, Roy left TASK to form his own Karate Association ( Shotokan Karate Association).  and now leads a small but growing number of affiliated clubs in the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Northamptonshire areas.

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Roy, Sensei Randall (middle), and Roy's son, Gareth
1998 at Leighton Buzzard Dojo in Hornbeam Close





Sensei is an accomplished horticulturalist, as these pictures of his garden in Wootton show